Giving My CLEANSE a try!

John and I received our It Works Cleanse yesterday! We can’t wait to try it. We will probably try it this weekend. I have been reading terrific reports about the results. People are feeling great, losing the belly bloat and losing weight.It’s something that is so simple that can really make a difference for you. Why would you spend money on something synthetic that doesn’t work? Go all natural for real benefits.

BTW – You don’t need to be home for two days to use the CLEANSE. It is gentle and “white pants approved!” SO if you’ve been feeling a little sluggish, have a big event coming up, noticed a new lump/bump in your jeans…whatever your reason – CLEANSE.

Our team and our lives has taken a little detour, Mama was diagnosed with Acute Lukemia this week. I’ll keep everyone updated on her progress. I’ll be working from CMC Main Hospital in Charlotte for the next 4 to 6 weeks. So this team website might be a little about Mama and her cancer journey and a little about our terrific products ;-))

Mama, Brenda Josey, is also a member of our team! She’s a Distributor too. Just as soon as she has enough strength she will be back on the “job” and out there helping her customers. For the time being she needs her rest as they start Chemo today. Please keep her in your prayers. She loves this business and company. The It Works family has been very supportive. She loves you all!


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