Welcome! Bling Busters is a fun name for our It Works Distribution Team. It Works is a natural health and wellness company based in the USA. We offer people ways to look better, feel better and hopefully live longer.

We support each other and have a terrific time. We service our customers and grow our business by working together. No one can do it alone and you shouldn’t have to when we have a team of Distributors ready to assist you.

We are based in NC but have Distributors in several states. We have the ability to operate in every state and 18 countries. We have materials in multiple languages.

The product lines include:

  • Body (wraps and gel)
  • Skin (Instant Wrinkle Remover, Facials and more)
  • Greens (Detox)
  • Lifestyle (Vitamins and much more)
  • Essential Oils (Newly introduced Nov 2015)

Our team offers a lot of resources. We have tons of business, marketing and coaching experience behind and leading the team.

Pamela Josey Pope

Our Bling Busters Team Resources:

  • Weekly Training Calls
  • Weekly Wrap Parties
  • Festival and Show Participation
  • One-on-One Training
  • Team Blitzing
  • Periscope Training
  • Sharing of graphic and content resources
  • Back Office Tools
  • Show materials and banners
  • Team website
  • Promotion plans
  • Hosting of Team Special Events

Contact us to learn more. We would love to discuss this awesome business opportunity with you. Send us your contact information to learn more NOW! Don’t wait. If you’re like us, you will wonder why you didn’t do this a year ago.

CONTACT US Bling Busters Team


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